Congratulations 2019 All-Stars


10 U Team                                       

Luke S, Trinley O, Cole V, Calvin B, Nolan P, Niko D, Oscar F, Henry W, Martin B, Bode R, Roman M, Noah D, Liam K.


11U Team

Ryan K, John M, Ryan S, Jameson W, Robert C, Ari S-R, Tristan F, Oliver S, Kyler P, Dylan H, Dillon L, Anderson B, Matteo M, Finlay B.


Majors 12U                        

Leo M, Kai D, Simon A, Matthew S, Will P, Jackson P, Dakota D, Ian S, Micha L, Jack E, Cooper N, Liam G, Jake C, Ryan R.


2019 Tournament Results

             11U team--District and State Champions     


All-Star Information for 2019       

All-Star Tournament Divisions

  • 10u Minors - District and State
  • 11u Minors/Majors - District and State
  • 12u Majors - District, State, Regional, and World Series
  • 13u Intermediates - District, State, Regional, and World Series


2019 All-Star Tournament Dates and Locations

  • District July 5-15 (up to 10 days depending on number of teams), local
  • State (should at team win their district tournament they will play in state at one of these locations)
    • 10u July 19-23, Grand Junction
    • 11u, July 19-23, Denver
    • 12u July 19-23, South Denver or Colorado Springs
    • 13u July 16-20, South Denver
  • Regional (should a team win their state tournament they will play in regionals at one of these locations)
    • 12u around Aug 1-9 in Waco TX,
    • Intermediates July 19-21 in Houston
  • World Series - Aug 15-25, Williamsport PA

Dates are subject to change and will be updated as additional information become available.


Team announcements

All-Star rosters will be announced after June 1.


SBLL All-Star Manager and Player Selection

Player Eligibility Requirements for All-Stars:

  • Must have played in at least 60% of scheduled spring season SBLL games
  • Must commit to attend every all-star tournament game (see Tournament Dates)
  • Must commit to attend at least 80% of practices which run every weekday from around June 9 until the team has been eliminated from play.  

All-Star Player Selection Process:

  • Towards the end of May, an SBLL All-Stars Selection Committee will meet consisting of:
    • Managers of the All-Stars teams
    • Managers of Spring season Intermediates, Majors and Minors Division teams
    • SBLL Board Members: President, Vice President, Player’s Agent
  • The Selection Committee will form 4 teams of 12-14 players from the pool of all eligible players, in the following order:
    • One 12u team consisting of 11 and 12 year-old players
    • One 11u team consisting of 10 and 11 year-old players
    • One 10u team consisting of 8, 9 and 10 year-old players
    • If possible, a 13u team consisting of 13 year-old players
  • The Selection Committee will form the most competitive 12u team, while maintaining enough eligible 10-11 yo players to form an 11u team.  Then they will form the most competitive 11u team, while maintaining enough eligible 9-10 yo players to form a 10u team.
  • Any player moving up an age group will be a starter and receive as much playing time as they would have received playing in the lower age group.  No player will be moved up an age group to fill out a roster and then sit on the bench.
  • There will be no tryout.   Players will be considered based on their abilities, performance, and qualities demonstrated throughout the Spring season.
  • Players selected to a team will be notified in early June and emailed a Commitment Letter.  The letter will explain the responsibilities of an All-Star player and their legal guardian.  Selected players will need to reply indicating commitment to the All-Star team.
  • There is no cost to players unless travel is required for the state, regional or world series.

All-Stars Manager Selection Process:

  • Eligibility
    • Must be rostered during the spring season as either a manager or coach.
    • 10u and 11u teams must be managed by a spring season Minors or Majors manager/coach
    • The 12u team must be managed by a spring season Majors manager/coach
    • The 13u team must be managed by a spring Intermediate manage/coach
    • Must be able to attend every all-star tournament game
  • Interested, eligible managers are evaluated by the Division Coordinators which then recommend a slate of Managers to the SBLL President.  The President then approves the slate and presents them to the SBLL Board of Directors for their vote.
  • Managers of teams that finish in first place for the Spring session will not be given any special preference or first right of refusal.