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Updated 6/2/2021


Volunteers, staff, and players

We will follow all requirements and recommendations of the CDC and state and local regulatory agencies related to group gatherings. 


Screening and Contact Tracing

A player may attend each practice, game, or other SBLL activity only if, prior to each practice, game, or other SBLL activity the player’s parent or guardian is able to answer all of the following COVID-19 health check questions in the negative: 

  1. Does your child currently have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, feel feverish or have chills?
  2. Does your child currently have a new or unexplained persistent cough?
  3. Does your child currently have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath that is new or a change in a usual symptom?
  4. Has your child experienced a loss of taste or smell in the past 24 hours (1 day)?
  5. Is your child currently experiencing any of the following symptoms that are new or are a change in usual symptoms? Sore Throat     Fatigue     Diarrhea     Headache  Congestion / Runny Nose     Muscle Aches     Nausea/ Vomiting
  6. In the last 14 days, has your child tested positive or had close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed or presumed to have COVID-19?

If the player’s parent or guardian cannot answer all of the foregoing questions in the negative, the player is prohibited from attending any practice, game, or other SBLL activity.


Each parent or guardian is responsible for screening his or her own player prior to practice, and each parent or guardian is responsible for keeping his or her player home if all of the foregoing questions cannot be answered in the negative.


In addition, a player is prohibited from attending any practice, game, or other SBLL activity if he or she cannot pass the daily health screen provided by BVSD, or any other school the player attends.


Masks and Additional Precautions 

Non-player participants including coaches, umpires, and volunteers are required to follow current CDC COVID-19 guidelines concerning masks.  Masks are recommended, but not required, for players.

Players are not to share food or drinks. Each player should have their own water bottle, with their name or other unique identifying mark, at every practice and game.


Players, coaches, umpires, volunteers, and spectators must stay home if they or anyone in their household has tested positive for COVID-19 or are waiting on test results, are showing COVID-19 symptoms, or have had a close contact with a person who has tested positive for or who has symptoms of COVID-19.


If you or your child are at an increased risk for severe illness or have existing health conditions, take extra precautions and preventive actions during the activity or choose individual or at-home activities.



  1. SBLL will provide three catcher’s helmets per team (for divisions that use catchers).  For each practice or game, there are to be a maximum of three players playing the position of catcher, and those players will each be provided a separate catcher’s helmet.  Catchers are not to share catcher’s helmets during practices or games.  In between practices and games, the catcher’s helmets will be sanitized.  Please alert your child’s coach if you are not comfortable with them utilizing shared, sanitized equipment.
  2. The snack shack will remain closed for the season.
  3. Players should not share helmets. See New Equipment Requirements below.
  4. Players should avoid sharing any equipment to the extent possible.  
  5. No high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, or similar high-risk, intentional physical contact are permitted.

New Equipment Requirements

It is recommended that players bring a mask to all practices and games, preferably one that stays as cool as possible during use.  All masks should cover both nose and mouth. Preferred mask types are non-medical disposable masks, masks made with breathable fabric (such as cotton), masks made with tightly woven fabric (i.e., fabrics that do not let light pass through when held up to a light source), masks with two or three layers and masks with inner filter pockets. Please consult the CDC Guidelines for additional information (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover-guidance.html).

Players should each have their own helmet, and they should not share helmets.  If you cannot provide a helmet for your player, please notify your player’s coach or SBLL and we will provide a helmet that your player can use.


Positive COVID-19 Situation

In the case of a SBLL participant testing positive for COVID-19, the player will not be permitted to participate in any SBLL activity until the participant can answer in the negative to all questions on the COVID-19 health check.  All members of that player’s team will be notified and will not be permitted to participate in any SBLL activity for either 14 days or such other period of time as dictated by Boulder County Public Health.  The SBLL board will report the positive test to Boulder County Public Health, and it work with Boulder County Public Health to review the circumstances and address any further actions that may need to be taken, including to assess whether any other SBLL players were recently in close contact with the player who tested positive. 


Compliance, Enforcement and Consequences

SBLL volunteers will survey the sites and enforce these guidelines. The following escalating steps will be taken for non-compliance by parents, guardians, or other spectators:

  1. Reminder of the rules and guidelines
  2. Official warning including recording non-compliant person’s name
  3. Suspension of play until the non-compliant parent, guardian or spectator removes themself from the field.  Anyone asked to leave will be contacted by the SBLL board for further disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or termination of the non-compliant parent/guardian/spectator and their child from SBLL activities. 
  4. Any further non-compliance will result in permanent removal from the team and the league for both the non-compliant parent/guardian/spectator and their child.